5 Ways to Turn Your Writing Skills into a Big Business

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In today’s era, everybody wants to live a happy and prosperous life with freedom. Almost nobody wants to work day and night under the rule of his angry Boss. Even, a little child dislikes the surveillance of his parents, then, you can imagine the feeling of an adult male or female who is working in a 9 to 5 office. And, the most frustrating part is handling the boss.

I am a 17 years old boy and can understand that doing a job is quite painful for some peoples and especially for those who dreamt to become an entrepreneur in their childhood. I have also dreamt to become a big businessman, but, that needs some skills. A man without any skills is like the sun without light. So, one day I asked a question to myself, ‘What are the skills I have?’ I did not get any specific answer. But, slowly I realised that I write English articles better than many. I get the answer to my question.I can use my writing skills to make my career. But, I dislike working long hours under a rude manager of a magazine or newspaper.

So, I again asked a new question to my brain, “can’t writing skill be changed into a business or a startup which can probably save me from seeing the face of a rude boss every day?’ After a long time thinking on the question, I got my answer. My mind told me the five routes to turn my writing skill into a big startup and earn even in millions.

Don’t worry. I will not keep them in the last page of my copy as a secret. I have written this article only to share those 5 routes with you all so that you writers can also continue to see the dream of a life without a boss. I will explain them one by one in brief detail.

1.Develop Article buyers and sellers network

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You know your writing is in great need of a large number of people. Many bloggers in the world remain too busy to create content for their blog. Many bloggers publish articles irregularly as they have to manage other things of the blog too like advertisement, promotion, designing, SEO, web issues, etc. So, these bloggers look for a place where they can buy unique articles and publish them on their own blog.

You can utilize this opportunity to earn in thousands and help them too. You can develop a website on the internet where people can come to buy your articles for their own blog. You will not need to hire a developer for creating the website. You can use WordPress for this purpose. With a little more effort, you would be able to develop the site.

After creating the website, you can invite your fellow writers also to post their stories or articles on your website. When buyers will buy those articles, you will earn a profit. You can keep some percentage of the profit yourself and the rest you can transfer to the writer who wrote the article. A website called Constant-content keeps around 65% with themselves as a commission and the rest(35%) is paid to the writer. But, if you wrote the piece, then 100% will be yours.

You can charge different prices for different licenses. Suppose, a buyer wants to buy an article at a cheaper price, then, you can give him an option to buy the content at a lower price and ask him to credit your company in the article. This will promote your company for free.

Typically, in developed countries, articles of 1000 words are sold at 25$ to 100$. You can offer discounts at the start to attract the customer.

If your company earns a good reputation in the industry, then, every customer will want to buy from your website only. And, you will be able to earn millions of dollars.

2. Start your own magazine

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Starting a new magazine will be quite stressful for many of you, as it will require a large investment. You will need to set up big printers, office and hire professionals. I can give you a tip to reduce the cost of investment. There are many shops where printing service is available. You can get the copies printed from those shops. As a writer, you can have a connection with other writers. You can invite them to write and invest in your magazine and in return, you can either give them fixed payment or profit share. I will advise you not to fly high in the sky directly. It means print less copies and sell them in your local region. When you get a positive response, then you can extend your magazine to neighboring regions. When your magazine becomes famous, you can offer advertising services and advertisers will pay you for advertisement. And, remember there is a lot of competition in every industry. You will need to prove to your readers and customers that how you are better than other magazines.

You can turn your readers into paid subscribers also. This may grow your income to a large extent. A good and popular magazine earns in million dollars. If you are determined in your goals then surely success will be yours one day.

3. Start your own blog

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Blog does not need any introduction. Everyone of you who had signed up on Medium is the owner of a blog i.e., yourusername.medium.com. But, you cannot be called as the actual owner of this blog as you have almost no control over this blog. You cannot even access the HTML code. You can’t run advertisements and promotions. You also need to work under the rules and regulations of the medium. These all restrictions and rules hurt the soul of our dreams. That is why you should consider starting your own blog.

Today, you need not be a programmer to make a blog. You can do it with just one click. Yes, there are many software programs existing on the internet like WordPress which allows you to create a blog in just a minute. They have a collection of thousands of free interactive themes and many customization options. You will need to buy an attractive domain and hosting first. Then, you can install WordPress and customize your blog at the front end.

When your blog goes live, then, you may spend some money to attract an audience. Facebook and Google ads can help you in this. They have 5 billion+ active users from all over the world.

When your blog becomes popular enough, then, you can run ads with ad networks like AdSense, media.net, mgid.com, taboola, etc. You can also do affiliate marketing. Websites like Amazon sell their product through affiliate marketers. You need to register on Amazon associates to become their affiliate marketer. Besides this, you can sell your own digital product as well and earn profits.

There is another approach to the revenue which is called members-only blog. Instead of running irritating ads, you may ask 1$ to 5$ from your readers per month for reading your content. This same model is used by Medium too.

If your blog starts to get a decent amount of traffic, then, you will be able to earn 1500$+ easily. Some bloggers in the USA earn 10k $ per month. And, some earn millions per annum. A blog called blog.neilpatel.com said that they earn in million dollars from their blog. They do not run even advertisements. With only affiliate marketing, they are able to make this huge profit.

4. Sell your English speaking and writing course

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English speaking courses are not in great demand in American countries. But, in Asian and African countries like India, China, Japan, Middle Eastern countries like Yemen, Oman, and so on, they are in great demand. There, people are ready to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to improve and masters their English communication skills.

This opportunity has given rise to many companies like cake English, hello English, etc. These companies run on the model of subscription. They charge their users per month for the service they provide.

If you are rich, then, you can jump into this industry and establish your company. But, if you are not, then don’t be sad. You can create speaking course books and sell them online. Instead, you can make a website where you can post your course for free and earn money from advertisements and affiliate links. This is similar to the case of the blog.

Besides this, you can create a Youtube channel and sell your video courses. These types of channels earn thousands of dollars. Youtube channel is similar to a TV channel. If a TV channel can be a business then so can a Youtube channel . Youtube offers much more freedom to its content creators. It means you can live your life like a boss.

5. Publish your books online and offline

I saw many writers who are not just writers. They are even poets, amazing story writers, professionals like MBA, data scientist, CA, etc. You can utilize your writing skills along with your professional skills by writing books. Suppose, you are a poet and have composed over 50 poems. You can collect those poems and publish a collection of poems and sell it online and offline.

If you are an amazing story writer, then, you can write novels and publish them. When your stories become famous, then, film or serial makers may hire you as their story writers. This would be called a job but will make you more famous than before.

If you are a professional, say an MBA, then you can write a book that can help other MBA students in their MBA course. You can also write a book for other MBAs, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc. In this way, you can enhance your writing skills with your professional skills.

After getting your book ready, you can publish your book on Amazon as an ebook and Amazon will pay you every time when a customer buys it. If 200 books are sold every month, then, you can earn around 1000$-1500$.

So, these were the 5 ways to turn your skills into a big business. You may think that this requires the investment of money and time, but, remember every startup needs investment to be started. In addition to the investment, you will need quality in your writing too. Your writing must not be boring and complex. It must be attractive and easy to understand. Also, try to serve your readers with your knowledge and real life experiences.

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